If you’re helping seniors live independently with dementia during the holidays, get them a gift that will benefit them and enhance their lives.
Here are great gift ideas to give a senior with dementia:
 In the early stages of dementia, pocket-sized diaries, a clock with the date and time, a calendar featuring family photos, magnetic reminder refrigerator pads and a collection of their favorite movies are good presents for the holidays. In the middle-to-late stages of dementia, give them a sensory gift that may bring back a fond memory like a soft blanket or scented lotions. Also, shoes with Velcro closures and large banded socks that are easy to get on are great gift options.
Research shows that music has a positive impact on people who have dementia. It can trigger happy memories and good times. Give the senior with dementia you’re caring for a CD of their favorite music for them to enjoy. No one knows more about the person with dementia who you’re are caring for than you do. Focus on getting them a present for the holidays based on their strengths and individual needs, and you can’t go wrong.