There Are Many Memory Care Programs Out There…

Be sure to choose one that honor’s Mom or Dad’s story.
Discover The Grove’s original memory care program.

Not All Memory Care Programs Are Equal

Visit a number of assisted living and memory care communities. And you’ll find a number of memory care programs.

But the reality is…

Not every memory care community weaves your loved one’s story into its care model.

But, at The Grove, we’ve done just that.

Enjoy the best of both worlds. When Mom or Dad moves to The Grove, trained team members provide assistance with daily activities and clinical support…and they learn your loved one’s unique story.

Our story-centered, personalized care is the result of careful planning. To create our program, we worked with a dementia specialist who is currently the Vice President of Corporate Training for the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

The result was a memory care approach that doesn’t simply focus on the disease…but embraces your loved one’s abilities, preferences, and rich past.

How We Practice Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is a buzzword in the senior living industry.

But when Mom or Dad joins The Grove, you’ll find we’ve created a process to put our person-centered philosophy into practice—and bring your loved one joy.

My Story Guidebook

Mom or Dad’s life story is our starting place for personalized care. We’ll ask you a number of questions to get to know your loved one. This allows us to understand everything from Dad’s favorite hobby to Mom’s best time to wake up in the morning.

This information creates a My Story Guidebook, explaining your parent’s history with photos. When we hire a new team member, he or she is required to review your loved one’s Guidebook, which we keep in your loved one’s suite.

My Ideal Day Guide

Imagine your loved one’s best day. That’s what the My Ideal Day Guide is about. At The Grove, we want our team members to personalize their approach for your loved one. That’s why we’ve created this one-page snapshot of Mom or Dad’s preferences.

Located in your parent’s room, My Ideal Day Guide is based on Mom or Dad’s story. With this, we’ve made it easy to quickly see how to start a meaningful conversation or provide personalized care. It’s also required reading for any new team member.

Daily Rhythms

Like other memory care programs, The Grove has planned activities. But we also recognize the power of small, meaningful moments and joys—cleaning the table, folding laundry, or vacuuming the room.

Each neighborhood at The Grove creates a list of Daily Rhythms and displays them. The idea behind our free-flowing Daily Rhythms is engaging small groups of residents in meaningful moments.

This list represents the interests of the neighborhood, based on their Ideal Day Guides. Here’s an example of what you might find at The Grove:


  • Join others for coffee
  • Discuss current events
  • Check the weather
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Smell freshly baked bread


  • Sit with others
  • Wash vegetables for snack time
  • Arrange flowers
  • Enjoy music
  • Fold napkins


  • Sing
  • Walk
  • Draw
  • Join the gardening club
  • Listen to birds
  • Relax on the porch

Memory Care Program Activities at The Grove

Planned Pursuits

Each day brings activities that span five different categories—physical, social, creative, spiritual, and cognitive. From program director to caregiver, we make sure our team is involved in your loved one’s planned pursuits.

Monthly Family and Friends Social

Join us for a special monthly meal…that your loved one helped host! Our Family and Friends Social is a themed event, and our goal is for Mom or Dad to play a role in planning for the big day—whether that’s preparing decorations or helping with the food.

Intergenerational Programming

When it comes to memory care programs, interacting with younger generations can have a positive impact on your loved one’s well-being. At The Grove, we seek opportunities to let your loved one interact with younger people. If you’re interested in bringing a group to The Grove, click below to contact us!