Purpose-Built Neighborhoods for Alzheimer’s or Age-Related Dementia

Our memory care community was designed—from the ground up—to serve the needs of your loved one.

Stroll Our Neighborhood Design Model

Our neighborhoods take a special approach to Alzheimer’s and age-related dementia.

As you walk through our building, you’ll notice our open concept and aesthetically pleasing architecture and artwork.

However, we’ve also kept things familiar for your loved one.

When you stroll a Grove neighborhood, you’ll discover…

  • The Kitchen. At The Grove, mealtime plays an important role in your loved one’s social life. Each neighborhood centers around the kitchen and dining area…bringing some much-needed stability to Mom or Dad’s routine. Our team prepares foods in these open kitchens, creating tasty aromas. For our meals, our goal is to give your loved one the opportunity to enjoy a brain-healthy dish.  
  • The Table. Forget the formal dining rooms of other assisted living and memory care communities. At The Grove, Mom or Dad will gather around one familiar table. Team members assist with family-style dining…even joining your loved one for the meal. You’re also welcome to drop by and pull up a chair.
  • The Living Room. No long hallways here. If Mom or Dad has Alzheimer’s or another age-related dementia, he or she may want to walk about. Our wayfinding design allows loved ones to wander in a natural pattern…rather than pacing up and down a hallway.  
  • The Apartments. Clustering around the neighborhood are private and companion suites. On the outside of the room, a digital frame will display Mom or Dad’s memories. This frame can even play a message from you, allowing your loved one to hear a familiar voice. Be sure to check out the apartment floor plans we offer in Columbus or Toledo.
  • The Outdoors. Don’t let memory challenges keep your loved one inside. Our secure courtyards accommodate your parent’s need to roam. At The Grove, Dad can enjoy nature, or Mom can simply bask in the sunlight. 

See Our Neighborhood for Yourself

Take a peek into a kitchen. Walk a courtyard path. Meet a team member.